Sunday, July 11, 2021

Damage to the Love Tree in Tompkins Square Park

One of the storms this past week caused damage to a honey locust tree in Tompkins Square Park.
Dubbed the Love Tree by some Tompkins Square Park regulars/birdwatchers, the honey locust located in the Cherry Grove along Avenue B between Eighth Street and Ninth Street is a favorite hang for Christo, the resident red-tailed hawk ... who through the years has been seen on the branches here with the various hawks in his life (Dora and Nora aka Not Dora) ... including current companion Amelia...
It has also proven to be a romantic spot for the hawks...
Hopefully, the Parks Department's assessment of the storm-damaged Love Tree won't leave Christo heartbroken.

Thanks to Kim Grover for the top photo and to Steven for the other pics and background

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