Monday, February 28, 2022

Doctor doctor, give me the news: MedRite Urgent Care opening on 14th and 3rd

MedRite Urgent Care is opening a facility on the SE corner of Third Avenue and 14th Street. (Thanks to Pinch and David Sippel for sending photos!

The walk-in clinic has more than a dozen locations around NYC and the metropolitan area.

And the new outpost is about 60 steps away from the CityMD location on 14th Street ... 
As for the new MedRite storefront, this space has been on the retail market since the Capital One® branch moved away in July 2016

And the corny headline inspiration source.

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Anonymous said...

That's what I thought when i saw this. 60 STEPS away? What gives?
Are Walk in Health Center's the new Banks?