Monday, May 30, 2022

The stately 122 E. 10th St. is for sale

The two-unit building at 122 E. 10th St. between Second Avenue and Third Avenue hit the market in recent days. 

Here's what you'll get ... via the listing
Rare opportunity to own a stunning, renovated and historically significant 2-unit building on the highly coveted Renwick Triangle. Located on a picturesque tree-lined block in the East Village, this 18' wide, six-story Anglo-Italianate townhouse features original architectural details and is beautifully renovated with luxury sustainable materials to create a true masterpiece of architecture and design. Built by famed architect James Renwick Jr., best known for creating St. Patrick's Cathedral and the Smithsonian Institute, this unique home built in 1858 is where past and present magnificently intersect. 

This home will be delivered vacant and is perfect for either an end-user or as an investment opportunity. It can be used as a single-family residence, or a 2-family home — giving the owner an opportunity for rental income and live/work. 
Asking price: $9.2 million. 

As the Post noted, photographer Alexi Lubomirski and his wife Giada are the current owners. Molly Ringwald and Panio Gianopoulos owned the upstairs apartment before selling it to the Lubomirskis for $1.7 million in 2016. 

Unrelated sort of — Alexander Skarsgård is selling his co-op across the street. Perhaps he's getting a more prominent place — given that GoJo is buying Waystar Royco!


Anonymous said...

I think I’ll buy it. Do you think they take EBT?

Anonymous said...

9.2 million…who wants/can get that kind of mortgage?

XTC said...

Quite stunning, but 18 ft is the exterior width. So the interior space is about 15 - 16 ft wide at most. Seems a tad steep at 9mil and change especially considering they're lopping off prices like crazy right now.

And somebody with kind of money what do they do- park their car and run? Hire body guards? Pay off the krusties and junkies not to rob the place?

Anonymous said...

Someone is definitely reaching for the moon with that price, for a house that is very narrow & has no elevator.

Seems like someone thinks the famous names who once lived here and/or owned it should make it "worth" the money, but I've never understood that thinking. The house is no better or worse for who was there previously.

Anonymous said...

@11:57am: Only people who DON'T need a mortgage at all, that's who can get a mortgage that big! Appears to me they want an all-cash buyer.

Anonymous said...

@xtc. You are incorrect. I have owned a house in the E V for many many years. They are all built the same way . There are 3 courses of bricks between the buildings which decreases the interior width by 12-14 inches

XTC said...

@10:25- You are quite close. According to the Street Easy listing the floor plans indicate the upper floors are 16.5 ft wide, the lower ones are 17 ft wide. I was using my place as a guide. It's from 1852 but not an attached row house. Exterior is 20 ft wide, interior rooms are roughly 18 ft wide on the upper floors, 17 ft in the basement.