Thursday, May 19, 2022

'Townhouse-style duplexes' now for sale at the all-new 118 E. 1st St.

Sales have commenced at 118 E. First St., the 9-story condoplex between Houston/Avenue A and First Avenue.

The scope changed a bit since we first heard of seven units coming to the new development nearly eight years ago

According to Real Estate Weekly, No. 118 is now "a collection of four townhouse-style duplexes with direct, keyed elevator access and private outdoor spaces."

The building features a striking modernist façade in Jet Mist granite, and Juliet balconies with irrigated gardens adorn each residence. A sunlit staircase connects the public and private floors. Residents will enjoy virtual doorman service and dedicated storage.
Pricing starts at $5.450 million for a three-bedroom residence spanning the fourth and fifth floors.

It has only taken about four years for this to take shape — foundation work started in the spring of 2018.

The links below have more about the building that was demolished to make way for this new development. As we've pointed out, 118 E. First St. was home some years ago to Darinka, the performance space that Gary Ray opened in 1983 (RIP — 1987). Darinka's many performers through the years included house band They Might Be Giants and cabaret nights hosted by Steve Buscemi and Mark Boone Junior.


Anonymous said...

Juliet balconies are nothing more than a shelf for your plants. More useless stuff for rich people.

Anonymous said...

Reading about this is amusing. "starting at $.45 million"!! To spend that money to live THERE is beyond absurd. But if you can't think of a better place to live, and you have that kind of stupid money to spend, then hey, enjoy yourself and the no-doubt-fabulous AIR QUALITY right by Houston St.

To call these things "townhouses" is a big stretch. And I sure as hell would NEVER live in an apartment where the keyed elevator opened directly into my living space. Would never trust that.

Anonymous said...

A performance space launching major talent > architecturally vapid condos for rich people…that pretty much sums up the trajectory of the whole area, sadly.

Anonymous said...

$5.45 MILLION (and up) to live in that location? Somebody's smoking some good stuff! Do you how many gorgeous places (with a REAL doorman, and with far better than than a "juliet balcony") in different & beautiful neighborhoods of NYC you could choose from if you can afford to spend that much money on an apartment?

Anonymous said...

Alright, let's just please get all that wooden construction blocking the sidewalk out of there. While we're sat it, someone let Boulton Watt know that they don't own that ENTIRE side of the sidewalk. It's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

"A sunlit staircase connects the public and private floors."

Snicker!!! Okay then, your required interior fire staircase is now an amenity, it seems. The creativity of broker-babble & developer-babble never ceases to amuse me.

Anonymous said...

Unless it's a 24/7 human doorman building

Brian said...

$5.5 million for a 3br/3ba? Seems a tad pricey. No doorman, no amenities. No parking?? Just say no.