Thursday, May 19, 2022

Houston Village Farm has closed, the cats have been adopted, and here's what's next

Houston Village Farm closed at the start of the week on the SW corner of Fourth Street and First Avenue. 

As an update: the two store cats that needed a new home found one. Per the comments on the previous post, Lukas stepped forward and took in the two cats, which may be going as Ruby and Amber moving forward. (Store employees referred to the cats as "the cats.")

Lastly, according to the @TradedNY account, Hudson Deli & Grocery has signed a lease for this space.


Annie said...

I'm glad the cats found a home. Thank you, Lukas!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lukas! You generated a lot of good karma by your kindness in giving those two cats a loving home! Wishing you all a happy life together.