Thursday, May 19, 2022

This Saturday, the Dance Parade and DanceFest return to the East Village

As you may have heard, the Dance Parade (no. 16!) returns IRL on Saturday after a pandemic-era hiatus. (They were virtual, but...)

This year's theme is appropriately titled: "Back to the Streets." 

And per the EVG inbox:
Dance styles reflect the cosmopolitan legacy of the city and the elastic inventiveness of the form and include African, Asian-Indian, avant-garde contemporary, ballet, Indian bhangra, Bolivian Carporalesn, 5Rhythms, breaking, Traditional Chinese, contemporary, hip-hop, Irish, Indonesian, Jamaican Dance Hall, lindy hop, modern, roller disco, salsa, Tahitian and Tango. 
The dancing commences at 12:30 p.m .at the corner of 20th Street and Broadway. (See the map below!)

The parade eventually heads across Eighth Street... Astor Place (grandstand alert!) and St. Mark's Place. The whole thing ends in Tompkins Square Park, where DanceFest takes place from 3-7 p.m.  ... an event that includes three stages and the "Experience Dance Booths."
Revisit some 2019 DanceFest pics on EVG right here.


Anonymous said...

Bring water - Saturday is going to be HOT HOT HOT!

Choresh Wald said...

Saturday: Dance Fest, Dance Parade, Ukrainian Festival, Village View Flea Market, FleaVcs Flea Market, Avenue B Open Street activities, and also Stuyvesant Town Flea Market...

Anonymous said...

Damn - I'm exhausted already - why can't we spread these out people ?

Anonymous said...

I’m exhausted too. I think I’ll sleep all day. (Don’t judge)