Sunday, May 22, 2022

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included ... (with a Midtown view from Friday)...

• After deadly shooting, fearful residents speak out about the drug activity on Avenue D & 3rd Street (Wednesday

• First look at the new residential building for 280 E. Houston St. (Tuesday

• New storefront and interior reveal at the fire-damaged Essex Card Shop on Avenue A (Tuesday

• A special night for Julia Cumming and Sunflower Bean at Webster Hall (Friday) ... Hello Mary takes the stage at Webster Hall (Tuesday

• The Alamo is free on Astor Place (though it's not ready to spin) (Tuesday

• Houston Village Farm has closed, the cats have been adopted, and here's what's next (Thursday

• A terrible way to try to kill rats (Tuesday

• Stuy Town ownership nixes plans for 2 heat and power plants (Monday

• Your chance to make your home feel a little like Key Food on Avenue A (Friday

• Davey's Ice Cream will reopen on 9th Street (Monday

• 'Townhouse-style duplexes' now for sale at the all-new 118 E. 1st St. (Thursday

• Calexico team trying Asian-Latin fusion with Big Cat on 2nd Avenue; a move for Keybar (Monday

• Moving day for the old Papaya Dog signage on 14th Street & 1st Avenue (Wednesday

• Can you Dig it? A new concept for a fast-casual chain on 4th Avenue & 13th Street (Wednesday

• Another smoke shop (Monday

Thank you to everyone who shared photos from this festive weekend, including D.R. Grimes for this DanceFest photo from yesterday...

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