Monday, August 1, 2022

On 9th Street, the former Central Bar is now an office space

Photos by Steven

Workers recently removed the plywood from the under-renovation space at 109 E. Ninth St. between Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue... permits show that the former Central Bar was being converted to office space ...
The new ground-floor tenant is MGNY Consulting, which "provides filing and support services for property owners faced with property liability issues such outstanding tax charges and violations."

The Central Bar, the bi-level sports bar-lounge, closed in March 2021 after nearly 20 years in business. In a letter to patrons, the bar owners noted: "Our landlord has sold the building, and the new owners will not be keeping us as tenants."

The building changed hands for $3.35 million. No word on what happened to 109's 13 residential units.


noble neolani said...

Great, one bar down. 666 more to go.

Grieve said...

This is NOT going to be an office building... just the ground-floor space was being converted to office use. And there is now an occupant as the post points out. Please read the post before commenting (not directed to you, Noble). The upstairs will remain residential. We were not sure what happened to the previous tenants.