Monday, October 13, 2008

At Mary Help of Christians yesterday morning

Two things.

1) I thought that the Mary Help of Christians Church on East 12th Street closed in May 2007. As the photo below shows, it's very much open. Pay a visit while you can.

2) I expected to find a few more people in the church. You know, given these difficult economic times, people looking for comfort in their faith, etc. ... Anyway, this was the scene yesterday morning for the English-language mass at 10. Not a problem finding a seat.

East Village playground in contract for $10M (The Real Deal)


esquared said...

If only they would serve Magnolia cupcakes for communion (don't know if this denomination does the Eucharist), then maybe the crowd will flock this joint.

EV Grieve said...

This crowd may also demand an upgrade on the Communion wine....maybe a nice oak-aged Chardonnay. At least bottle service in each pew.

Marlie said...

It is really unfortunate that the Flea Market which rented space from the Church is no more---

Anonymous said...

was this the space that sold for 10+ mil???

EV Grieve said...

I think it was just the playground and adjacent lot on 11th Street and Avenue A that was sold..not the actuall church property.