Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hope for the Emerald Inn

Steve Cuozzo had this (third item) in his column yesterday:

All might not be lost for the Emerald Inn, the beloved Irish pub at 205 Columbus Ave. that's losing its lease in May.

As The Post recently reported, the cozy little bar, which has been there for 66 years, can't afford an increase to $350,000 year in rent - more than twice what it currently pays.

Owner Charlie Campbell and legions of regulars were heartbroken.

But Walker & Malloy broker Rafe Evans, who's negotiated scores of Upper West Side retail leases, said he's willing to help Campbell find another location nearby.

"They have expressed interest in keeping the legend alive," Evans said.

But it won't be on Columbus Avenue.

"They can only afford to be on a side street, maybe West 72nd Street," Evans said, where rents are lower.

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