Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Noise, then darkness

Stevengyang posted this video on YouTube titled "235 East 13th Street." Here's the description:

This is a video of the construction that has gone on around us over the past year. The construction has turned our bedroom window into a concrete wall. The wall is so close we can touch it. At then end you see how dark the room is even at 3 pm during the day. At least its not as loud anymore.

Ugh. What a nightmare. Mrs. Grieve and I moved out of an apartment on the LES around the time when rumors were circulating that the empty lot next door was becoming a six-story building with retail on the ground level. Sure enough, there's now a spiffy new apartment building on that space. We had five windows in that apartment, including three that faced the lot. The apartment was dingy as it was -- can't imagine what it would be like now.

Perhaps developers should be sentenced to live in apartments next to their construction zones to experience all this firsthand.

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Anonymous said...

I was living right across the street @ 226. When I saw the NYU POS going up across the street, I didn't renew and left last year.

Anonymous said...

226...? Is that where Jodie Foster worked in Taxi Driver...?

Anonymous said...

where the final scene is - yes.