Friday, October 31, 2008

Now for something really scary

The horror: 14th Street and Ninth Avenue late on a Saturday night. A Chelsea resident chronicled the "intolerable noise." Indeed, what a horror show.


esquared™ said...

A nice tubular bells background music would have made this creepier.

And wait 'til tonight when the B&T and tourists come out to watch the parade and trick or treat. It'll be hell.

Jill said...

I really hope his documenting this helps solve the problem. Great idea though.

Ken Mac said...

Sometimes I think every corner below 14th has a bongo player, a saxophone player, some fool pewking, and teens from Long Island screaming "woo hoo." Nation of beats.

Anonymous said...

Excellent comments, thanks...I love the thought of these videos set to Tubular Bells!

NYC taxi photo said...

perhaps to look at these videos for the good quality they are done with is one thing. but to tip the scales in the opposite direction, I find this man completely obnoxious and only concerned with his own narrow vision towards his own Fascist kingdom.

Why is it that only the richest neighborhoods get heard. the noise is a symptom of the plague of party people, you cannot have one without the other.

My friend used to live right there. it used to be so quiet all you could hear was the shouting of transvestite hookers and the honking of the occasional taxi, limo, police car, or tow truck. but now, they dress more skimpy, cannot even walk in their high heels, and the honking has grown exponentially. this video maker needs to get his head out of ass and stop blaming the problem largely on taxi cabs!

that limo that picked up illegally?? what was his license plate, oh You "don't care"? well guess what, nobody cares!!! and that's the whole problem.

what an asshat!

HLNYC said...

Dear Mr. NYC Taxi Driver, I'm shooting these videos and sending them to city officials and BEGGING them to do something about the noise. All I want to do is get a good night's sleep. I have nothing against taxi drivers and know they need to make a living. But I need to make a living too and all I want is a good night's sleep without some SELFISH ASSHOLE who doesn't even live in my neighborhood honking unnecessarily all night long. I didn't get the license of the car service, because I wasn't quick enough. Further more, I called the taxi limo commission three times, and they won't do anything. I've lived here 9 years, and my roomie has been here 13 years. Some of my neighbors have lived here more than 50 years. So before your shoot your mouth off about my "FACIST KINGDOM" maybe you should learn something a little more about me. And believe me, I want tee shirts that say "send away the yuppie B&T's and bring back the trannie hookers."