Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A few minutes on the Bowery: Waiting for Lohan ... plus, a few other assorted scenes

From a quick walk: I never actually took the time to stop to admire the ads for Avalon Bowery Place on the side of Avalon Bowery Place. This is exactly the sterile environment in which I want to spend $3K-$4K a month for!

And why do they show Times Square?

Was kind hoping the semi would stop for her.

Fitting. RIP Bowery.

Still life, of sorts.

Lindsay Lohan got away from the paparazzi at the Bowery Hotel. Seriously.

Sad bank balloons. Really makes me want to go open an account.

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esquared™ said...

Lilo walked right passed by me the other day (and I thought what a bitch for cutting across in front of me), and I didn't realize it was her until I saw the paparazzi chasing after her. I can forgive her for that. Just sayin'.