Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For the record

Oh, hello! So don't mind me or Alex here. We're just having a little fun picking out some album covers that feature NYC.

So I'm starting with an easy one...Blondie's "Autoamerican" from 1980.

And I can't say that I'm much of a Gloria Gaynor fan, though I dig the cover to her "Park Avenue Sound" record from 1978.


Ken Mac said...

Hi EV !

Yesterday I received - by surprise - the "Blogging Friends Forever" Award for my photography.

According to the rules I can now award this honor to 5 other bloggers of my choice.
I have chosen your blog as I really like your photos and overall enthusiasm for life!
Please visit my blog and you will see your name among the 5 other awardees. Then it will be your turn to give the award yourself to 5 other bloggers of your choice, according to the rules you will find indicated there.
Greetings from Greenwich Village!

Anonymous said...

Is this some kind of pyramid scheme?


Thanks for the honor!

esquared™ said...

I'm not gonna be meddlesome and come between you and Alex, but what about the Clash--London Calling album cover. It's not an obvious NYC reference, but it's Paul Simonon smashing his bass guitar on the Palladium's floor. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I've upped the ante again:

Anonymous said...

Good call, Esquared...that one is a classic...

And as for you, Alex! I'll post a few more covers around 11 tomorrow morning...