Friday, October 31, 2008

About that Obama/Luke Skywalker vs. McCain/Darth Vader video

Four weeks ago (Christ, where did October go?), I had a post on the Obama/Luke Skywalker vs. McCain/Darth Vader battle in front of the NYSE on Wall Street. It was obviously some pro-Obama propaganda. Sure enough, someone involved with the project sent along a note telling me that the final product was ready. So now you can watch the two light-saber battle (can this be a verb?) their way around some familiar NYC landmarks:

This is all fine. But, as an ethical journalist, I can't allow a pro-Obama bit to go by without hearing from the other candidate. I need to put my politics aside and be fair. So, in that spirit:


Anonymous said...

No offense, Mr. Grieve, but the "Larry Flynt for President" t-shirt looks better on her than it did on you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well...Anyway, my Flynt T-shirt has mysteriously "shrunk" in the closet through the years.