Friday, October 10, 2008

Daily News crime video almost bad enough to make local TV news

The Daily News has this exciting crime story! (Via Gothamist)

A shoplifter with a taste for designer threads was nabbed by police after he and his buddies tried swiping a pricey jacket at a Lower East Side clothing boutique.
Police arrested Christopher Foster, 22, after he and a group of friends tried stealing jackets from Unis, a trendy clothier on Elizabeth Street.
Although his buddies successfully fled the store, police nabbed Foster around 5 p.m. on the Bowery near Rivington Street, where a Daily News videographer taped the arrest.

Nominee for the worst video ever...? How harrowing! (Love how the store owner/manager/victim taunts the perps!)


Anonymous said...

Did you the way that cop spread the perpetrator's legs? That Chinese cop treated him like an animal. It's not like he was resisting arrest or fighting them. He could have just asked him politely to do it. He must be overcomepensating the fact that he's small.

Now when are they gonna arrests the real thieves, the greedy Wall Street a$$hole$?

Anonymous said...

now that nyc is officially going to the garbage thanks to gloomberg and ghoulliani, there will no need for "INSANELY EXPENSIVE LEATHER JACKET" boutique stores on the Lower East Side, the real crime is the price of food, the price of subway fare, the price of rent, etc., this lady may mock the alleged shoplifter, lets follow up and mock her when her store closes and she is forced to move back to ohio because people arent pulling $ out of their asses anymore, you can take your insanely expensive lether jacket back to mommy's house in cleveland.

(BTQ im 40 and its called a BUMRUSH, you bumrushed the store and took whatever you wanted but that was late 80's and early 90's, nyc wasnt disneyland back)