Thursday, October 2, 2008


From Page Six today:

THAT Kwiat Diamonds will send security to 20 Pine St. tonight to guard the jewels Amanda Hearst and Andres Santo Domingo will wear at artist David Foote's opening, hosted by Porsche Design's fragrance, The Essence . . .

THE "Sex and the City" tour buses will take a detour today so that diehard fans can take a gander at screen star Gilles Marini . Marini, who played Samantha's shirtless neighbor in "Sex and the City: The Movie," may even strip down again this afternoon while facing off in Ethan Zohn's Grassroots Soccer United match at Sara D. Roosevelt Park on the Lower East Side. The hottie will play with Brandon Routh and gold-medalist Heather O'Reilly to raise money for AIDS awareness.

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