Saturday, October 11, 2008

Week in Review: Bikini and underwear edition (with half-hearted apologies)

In dire times like these...

Wall Street on Monday (via Getty Images)

Jimmy Choo photo shoot on Fifth Avenue. Because no one would buy the shoes if she was wearing a dress or pants or something...? (Via Drunken Stepfather -- NSFW)

Amazin' Jane's Flickr page includes these shots...As AJ explains:
Tourists got an eyeful as they filmed the ridiculous reality show Make Me a Supermodel today at Fulton Ferry Landing. It was quite entertaining as they hoisted scantily clad models into the air by crane - inside a plexiglass cube. [Via Gothamist]


Anonymous said...

I like the dancing with the bears. The bears will be dancing for some time.

Cover Girlz said...


Monkey Butter said...

Great this "Hooker Delivery" thing has gotten way out of hand.