Friday, January 16, 2009

24 hours...and 99 cents

In a recent post on two old signs that I like, commenter StuyTownFullofYunnies mentioned the flashing neon of the newish coffee shop on 14th Street between First Avenue and Avenue A. I knew that I had a picture of it somewhere. Like StuyTown, I love the flashing "open 24 hours" neon. Anyway, it's proof that a sign doesn't have to be 75 years old to be liked. Or something.

I also like the neon next door at the generally tacky 99-cent shop....

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Jill said...

That coffee shop has been through a couple of versions over the years, but will always be lovingly called GAC by us (Greek American Cuisine? Good American Cuisine? One worker once said it was supposed to say "Jack") Despite a couple of changes of ownership and a big makeover, the food seems EXACTLY the same. The service, however, has declined to a lot of grumbling by the cook who seems angry at every order, like we are interrupting his busy day.