Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The footage that GM and Segway doesn't want you to see

The story made the rounds today about General Motors teaming with Segway to build a new type of two-wheeled vehicle designed to move easily through congested urban streets and help Mother Earth, which we're all for. As Gothamist noted, the P.U.M.A. -- Personal Urban Mobility & Accessibility -- was tested yesterday on the streets of New York. "Miraculously, no cabs or Hummers plowed into the thing, though the drivers presumably sustained some damage to their dignity."

However, what happened on the test drive later is being kept from the media. Apparently the P.U.M.A. was not well-received.

Here's the footage of the test drive that GM and Segway doesn't want you to see.*

* Reenactment.


NYCDreamin said...

Snake Pliskin!! I thought he was dead...

EV Grieve said...


You don't want to be walking from the Bowery to 42nd Street at night. I've been driving a cab here for 30 years and I'm telling you: you don't walk around here at night! Yes, sir! Those Crazies'll kill you and strip you in ten seconds flat!