Monday, April 13, 2009

More on the EV ATM skimmers

The Post yesterday had more on the ATM skimmers found at two East Village banks.

"I was at the Chase Bank on the corner of 2nd Avenue and East 10th Street, where the old Second Avenue Deli used to be," said 34-year-old New Yorker, Sean Siebel. "I was on my way to get a haircut and stopped to get cash but noticed something was wrong with the ATM card slot."

When Siebel, who works for Microsoft, inserted his card the machine produced an error message. "Then my card came out really slowly like it was being obstructed," Siebel added.

He jiggled the card slot to try to get his card out and the plastic front piece, which he thought looked odd, came away easily in his hand. "It was just stuck on with tape -- there was a magnetic-card reader inside and a USB port."

Siebel said he took his find inside the bank and asked for help. Maria Pascuas, the assistant branch manager, "immediately freaked out," he said, telling Siebel she had heard of similar devices elsewhere but not in New York City.

Pascuas then called Chase security and sent Siebel on his way. "I asked her if she wanted my details and if I should file a police report but she said no," Siebel said.

The Consumerist first broke the story. Here are some other ATM-skimmer links.

And isn't easier to just crash a van into the ATM and haul it off...?

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