Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Paint it black: Sympathy for the Kettle closes

The Sympathy for the Kettle tea salon at 109 St. Mark's Place, which, I admit, never visited, is now boarded up...and their phone has been disconnected. Another merchant on the street told me the shop closed last week.

A Yelp commenter said the owner was planning on opening another store in a new location.


esquared said...

I bet you 5 to 1, another ramen/some asian fusion restaurant, or 2 to 1 a froyo/dessert shop will over take that place. 1 to 3 odds, on anything else.

[I'm not a gambling man; I'm pulling those odds out of my a**]

EV Grieve said...

Ah! I'm going 1-3 that it's another Ramen place!

Anonymous said...

I live right there. Tried Sympathy once, but I offended them when I asked for Splenda instead of that Stevia crap...

Gosh, I sure hope we get another Ramen place!

Patricia Kennealy Morrison said...

I never went in because I remembered (and loved) this location from when it was the Rivendell Bookshop, run by my dear late friend Eileen Campbell Gordon and specializing in Celtic, Arthurian and fantasy books, old and new.

Eileen had a book party there for my first book, after she'd been rent-increased out of her two previous locations, the first on the north side of 7th Street just west of 2nd and the other next door to My Little Village Postal on 1st (now a newsstand, formerly a tailor shop).

It was a lovely place to hang out, and many authors came to visit and chat with Eileen. Sadly, she died in 1989, right after she'd been forced to close the shop and do I guess turnabout is fair play.