Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Superdive Diaries, Part Two

Another EV Grieve reader bravely entered Superdive over the weekend and filed this rather random list of bulleted points via e-mail:

• First makout sessions by 8:30. A guy hard-core kissing a girl's neck like it was 1984 at 1:00 AM.

• Beer pong

• The manager(?) saying to me they were all reserved for the
next two weeks.

• You can get a Stella keg for $450.

• Seems to be a bar to relive college. Beer pong (except I never played this) and a lot of shots

• All drinks are in plastic cups

• Can i reserve a place for 10-15 people? with a keg?

• Hipster wannabee bartenders. friendly but there's arrogance like they're on the red carpet

Beer pong. Again, beer pong. Do I need to say more?

• I feared for my life when I walked out. I deserved to be beat up. I felt shame. Superdive has nothing to do with the east village.

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Goggla said...

That's it...who's down for some Pong?? Can we reserve the entire space? Permanently?

EV Grieve said...

Sure! Put some bunk beds in the back...

Anonymous said...

Need some help settling a roommate debate regarding the pronunciation of this site. Is it "Greevy" like rhymes with EV or Greev as in the verb of grief? Thanks!

Goggla said...

Are you sucking from a keg right now?

ak said...

"• Hipster wannabee bartenders. friendly but there's arrogance like they're on the red carpet "

or they could just be totally fed-up with dealing with douches for hours, just a thought.

also this mj-tribute is making my head explode. it's like a car accident, i don't know why i'm watching it. i could use a keg right now.

EV Grieve said...

I'm with you, ak. Has the city set up any MJ Memorial Free Zones?

EV Grieve said...

I thought that said EV Gravy!

Grieve as in grief.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a tribute to Ben Grieve!

EV Grieve said...

We tried to get him for the EV Grieve softball team. Could have used him the other night vs. BoweryBoogie.

Bowery Boogie said...

a gunfight at the E.V. corral. nice home run, Grieve.

when's the rematch?

EV Grieve said...

Soon as we order a $450 barrel of Stella for second base!

Anonymous said...

When a classic scotch and soda is replaced with "beer pong", it's truly a sign that NYC is done.

I lived and thrived in the east and west village back in the 70's and early 80's. I would be damned to find myself in this charade of a city ever again.

Shame on you NYC, you used to be cool.