Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fake police set up real-looking command post on Astor Place

Look closely at this photo sent along by Bob Arihood. So the NYPD was camped out yesterday on Astor Place....or is it the Village Video News... ?

It's our understanding that if the NYPD sells old equipment, the new owner must remove all police markings. Also, this is a new truck. Now that the city is kinda broke, is the NYPD selling off some spare parts?

In any event, does this mean that I can toss the ticket I got for public urination from the guy at Village Video News?


Lisa said...

You have to look really closely to see that NYPD and POLICE on the side have been X'd out (although the blue painter's tape was a clever touch, since it's the same color as the lettering), but given the current bedbug hysteria, I wouldn't brag about LICE on the cab door. Yeah, toss that ticket and piss away!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind having one those mini police cars!

Marty Wombacher said...

Public urination is against the law? Whoops!

Anonymous said...

Are these guys out looking for LES JEWELS Maybe they will beout by the pee phone friday nite