Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Lee expects full occupancy by March 31

Been awhile since we heard any updates on the Lee, the low-income housing development and training center on East Houston and Pitt Street developed by Common Ground, a Manhattan-based nonprofit.

BoweryBoogie had a report back in February on how the 12-story building was shaping up. Staring at it from the street today, it looks awfully close to being completed...

We asked the folks at Common Ground for the latest.

"The Lee is nearing completion and many applications for the low-income units have been received," Lyle Churchill, the senior director for external affairs at Common Ground, told me via e-mail. "The building will 'rent-up' in phases, and we expect full occupancy by March 31, 2011."

He also said that the tenant composition remains as originally stated upon the start of construction in 2008: "In providing stable homes for 263 adults, Common Ground will reserve 104 units for formerly homeless individuals, 105 units for low-income workers, and 54 units for young adults at risk for homelessness."

For more on The Lee:
Morphing on East Houston (The Times)

The original news release on The Lee is here.


Bowery Boogie said...

i think mosaic man will have a home here.

ShutUpHooker said...

... Unless Charles Rangal [sp?] and/or Margarita Lopez beat him to the punch for some of that rent stabilized sweetness.!.

Anonymous said...

Damn that is one ugly building. What, low-income people don't deserve something that looks halfway decent? They have to live in a bunker? Piece of crap is what that eyesore is.

Cookiepuss said...

I can think of many other more exclusive buildings in the area that are uglier than this one. This building looks similar to market rate buildings. Some good choices. I like the three different colors and the way the 12 story is set back from the street. The windows, which face North and East will get lots of unobstructed sunlight, fresh air and great views.

The almost entirely finished East River Park is just a stones throw away from their building. Tompkins Square Park is nearby, shopping, community gardens, health services, groceries, etc..

"The residence will incorporate environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient design, construction, operation, and maintenance practices".

"Building amenities include: Large Multipurpose Room, Two outdoor landscaped gardens, Computer lab, Fitness room, Green Roof, Recreational activities, On-site laundry, 24 hour security/ attended lobby"

I love the building. Very soon new residence will finally be at peace knowing that they have a safe, affordable, light filled apartment of their own.

I welcome all 263 residents. Power To The People!

fellow Pitt St resident.. said...

Welcome to Pitt Street, where community flavor has been stewed to perfection...