Monday, November 15, 2010

More on NYU's Barney Building fire

The Post has an item today on the early-morning fire yesterday at NYU's Barney Building on East Ninth Street...

Fire marshals yesterday were trying to determine what caused a blaze inside an NYU building in the East Village. The fire broke out in a third-floor art studio in the six-story Barney Building on Stuyvesant Street near Third Avenue. The blaze was contained to a small sculpture- and jewelry-design studio. NYU officials said other studios on that floor are expected to be open for classes today. There were no injuries.

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Late-night fire at NYU's Barney Building

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blue glass said...

NYU is unable to see things on less than a global scale (dubai is a good example).
sexton does not see the city he feels nyu is a part of - he only sees nyu's grand scale in the city. and he feels that any growth of nyu enhances the city, and therefore himself. he is nyu!
what he fails to see is that nyu is destroying what makes new york such a special city: the various neighborhoods, residents and business. the mix of history with balanced change.
years ago, at a public meeting, then public affairs representative evelyn wood (i think) envisioned washington square park as their campus. i was at that meeting and heard her. they have destroyed landmarks, ruined the view from the arch, had the fountain moved, and while i can't think of specifics i walk in the village and know that something is missing. a lot is missing. nyu has their own private transportation at the same time they say that they want to "be a part of the community". a year or so ago nyu tried to evict the only supermarket on second avenue from houston to 14th street. they dragged the fight on for almost a year.
this would have been the one time they could have come out the heroes. they could have had a smile and the best press they've had in years.
but no. they are very hungry. they feast on land they don't even own. they are eating up the east village at a pace not quite equal to the west villag. but watch out. it's happening.