Friday, May 20, 2011

Today in EV Grieve talking about stuff

This week went by in a blurry. So a belated thank you to Rebecca Marx at the Voice for interviewing me for a piece that was titled, EV Grieve Reflects on the Lessons of CB3 Meetings, Superdive, and the East Village as a "Foodie Tourist Trap"

You can read it here.

And there are no refunds.


Marty Wombacher said...

That was a great interview!

dray said...

Nice interview! I miss Brownies too.

bowery boy said...

Great job on the interview! Thanks for speaking up. You are the Lorax of the EV.

You esp' got to the CB3/SLA problems sanely. The marathon meetings really piss me off, cuz after a few hours they all get punchy and don't take it seriously. 2 meetins per month are a much better plan.

And their conflict of interests would really have me typing in all caps. Owners just do not represent the Community, and that's the Board that they are. (McWater has got to go!)

Thanks again.

Shawn Chittle said...

+1 on Bowery Boy's comments.

Grieve, your opening statement in the interview would have brought a tear to Ginsberg's eye. Man you dropped science on that.

Keep up the great work my man!

Kurt said...

Which Brownies is everyone missing, the Ave A one or the 13th street one? Just curious.

Spike said...

Great interview. As a followup, Grieve, can you list a couple other questions they asked that didn't make the story (one's you wish had)? Or was that it?

EV Grieve said...

Thanks @Spike

They cut the part where I discuss my alien abduction.

Heh. Sorry — those were all the questions.

Melanie said...

EVG--great piece. I miss the Bini Bon too--remember those large cookies and great treats!!