Monday, October 10, 2011

Even an empty 34 Avenue A is upsetting neighbors

34 Avenue A has been focal point for criticism since Aces & Eights opened in the spring of 2009... Then, of course, came the drama with the various restaurant-bar-performance space proposals... In August, "for rent" signs went up here.

On Saturday morning, Dave on 7th spotted the following Urban Etiquette Sign outside 34 Avenue A... (EV Grieve reader Matt also sent us photos ...)

So what's going on? Debra Stelnik, a broker for Coldwell Banker, told me this weekend via email that the space is still for lease.

If the noise came from the tenants upstairs, then you'd think the sign leaver would have placed the note to the left on their entrance... Theories? Ideas?

In any event, here is the rental info for the main floor and basement...


Brian Van said...

Think the next fresh applicant for the space will have to answer to "existing noise complaints" as if this were a renewal situation? But I give up anyway. That block is cursed and lousy with NIMBYs. Plenty of other failed restaurants in the East Village to take over, though!

EV Grieve said...


Given the combination of the opposition to anything nightlife-related here and the asking rent ($16k), 34 Avenue A is destined to become a bank branch.

Morgan Tsvangirai said...

There's a Chase, Citi, and Sovereign nearby, so what? Capital One? TD Bank?

I can't wait.

Dr Gecko said...

I vote for Chase. There isn't another Chase for a full half-block. No reason that Ave A should be any less civilized than 2nd Ave (St Marks & 10th St).

Anonymous said...

How many vacant stores do we need on Ave A btw 2nd Street and 3rd Street until the cantankerous crybaby neighbors who dominate CB3 meetings are happy?

Move to Long Island or New Jersey. NYC isn't for you anymore. You loved the East Village when you were the ones making the noise and going out all night, but now that you are done having your fun apparently no one else can either.

Such jerks. I want a douchebag free neighborhood also, but I like restaurants and bars, and I specifically dislike vacant storefronts.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a clue what people went through for over two years when this was Aces & Eights? Calling people who don't want screaming idiots on the streets all night "cantankerous crybabys" and "jerks" and telling them to move has all been said before. At least try something new and make a valid argument instead of just insulting people who lived here their entire lives, most likely before you even knew the neighborhood existed. Finally there are 56 licensed establishments on Avenue A already and plenty of places to drink and eat - we don't need another, not a single one. How about real daytime retail?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I sure do. I lived on that corner for years (specifically while Aces & Eights was in business).

My argument is fair. If you don't like noise, don't live in a noisy city.

Also - I have been to the CB3 meetings, jerk is fairly accurate, but more accurate is cantankerous and ignorant. Just because don't like something, don't want something, or feel like there is enough of something doesn't make it true.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. Why shouldn't people want to sleep without drunken people yelling out their window? Why shouldn't people organize for what they feel is important in their lives?