Monday, December 5, 2011

More on the new home for Billy's Antiques

We heard the news this morning via The New York Times that Billy's Antiques will be losing its tent as the site will become home to a new two-story building. So we asked Billy Leroy about his future place of business there on Houston and the Bowery.

"I've seen the plans. It's going to be old brick imported from an old factory in Massachusetts. The will be four arched, giant doorways of metal and glass," Billy said via email. "Tony Goldman my landlord has really good taste and he is doing it right or I would not be taking a spot in the new building."

As for the space for the mural at Houston and the Bowery: It will remain, Billy said.


Bowery Boogie said...

tasteful or not, the brick building is just another rusty nail in the coffin.

Dying On Bar Time said...

I gotta agree with Bowery Boogie. Smoke and mirrors. And just who is renting these apartments anyway?? Why oh why is NYC becoming a rich white person's city?!?

Jeremiah Moss said...

Tony Goldman is credited with the creation of the current Soho. he is a major class re-maker of our neighborhoods.

here's lots more about him:

Anonymous said...

Is that Lady Gaga?

marc kehoe said...

Who is renting those apartments?
Well, it ain't Europeans anymore, that's for sure.
Bought and sold on speculation.
Most of us ain't invited to that party.

Anonymous said...

Did I miss something? It's going to be a small, oddly shaped, two story building that one might guess will be strictly commercial. How did it become rental apartments for rich white people?

Anonymous said...

She's a whore and a bore.

M. Schein said...

@ Dying on Bar Time;

"Rich white person's city"? I understand the sentiment, but to suggest that generic homegenization and blandness is a genetic predisposition characteristic of only caucasian people is as racist and obnoxious as saying all African-Americans "love to dance". Let's step into the 21st century TRULY non-racist.