Thursday, May 10, 2012

Alphabet City Beer Co. sign up now on Avenue C

[Photo by EVG reader Nathan Archambault]

The sign is up now for the incoming Alphabet City Beer Co. on Avenue C near East Sixth Street... it's the beer-themed retail outlet (and small bar with tastings and food like cheese, meat and pickles) from David Hitchner of Alphabet City Wine Co. a few storefronts to the south. (He also owns In Vino on East Fourth Street.)

We haven't heard about an opening date just yet... the last word on their Facebook page dated late April: "Getting close."

More details to follow.

[Via Facebook]


Anonymous said...

EVG..I don't think the upcoming people of today know the background of these things..people "exodused: tm the city and outlying boroughs to LI, Washington. even the Dodgers left Ebbets Field, Brooklyn, NY and went to is important to let people know what happened so they can come to their own conclusions about things...yes gentrification came and then hypergentrification...then what??what will happen when the new "yunnies" are old hat..where will they be displaced to???

glamma said...

you know i have to say he is a good guy and it's a well run shop, the wine place, with fair prices and the dudes are so cool and humble and homely that it's a good vibe in there and they attract other good people as their customers, so i wish them the best with this. they seem like community oriented, neighborly folk, and if we're gonna get stores like this, this is kinda the best you can hope for.