Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Purple Ginger now open on East Sixth Street

Purple Ginger, a Thai and noodle restaurant, opened here on East Sixth Street just east of Avenue A on Sunday. They're not doing deliveries just yet (so, no to-go menus to browse...).

This space had previously been home to Sixth Street Kitchen, which never reopened after being destroyed by a fire in January 2011.

Meanwhile, let us know if you try this place ...

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ReW* said...

we have tried it because 'PuRPLe & GiNGe" are two of my mos favorite thingz.. the food is REALLY YuMMY.. the service is so sweet & now we even order for delivery. we had so many appetizers & they all went down smooth & clean.. I get swollen from so many restaurants and I have not had one episode with Purple Ginger.. it's spicy but not too much.. The Curry is amazing... & everything is crave worthy... 5 starz hoep they stick around for a long time ;)