Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Report: Misdemeanor assault charge in East 14th Street parking-space punch case‎

A Manhattan jury this morning convicted Oscar Fuller of misdemeanor assault for punching a woman in an argument over an East Village parking space in February 2011, the Post reported.

The jury acquitted Fuller, an electrician in Queens, of felony assault for punching Bronx resident Lana Rosas in the ensuing argument. He could serve up to one year in jail. The judge will sentence Fuller on June 13, the Post noted.

Rosas was reportedly in a coma for nine days. According to her mother, "Rosas is still struggling with brain injuries, unable to work or drive, and her life revolves around her therapy sessions."

Fuller's first trial ended in a mistrial last November. He has said that he was defending himself. Rosas was standing in the space on East 14th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B to save the spot for her boyfriend.

[Photo by DNAinfo/Patrick Hedlund]


glamma said...

wow that is so f*cked up

Anonymous said...

It's the bicyclists fault.

Anonymous said...

This area of Stuy Town is a criminal free for all since Stuyvesant Grocery burned down.

Anonymous said...

Cars are broken into all of the time in this part of Stuy Town. My car was stolen from this block last year.

Anonymous said...

It is a crime to lie and set up people who are poor and live in the area..what about the investment bankers..England is returning the money to the taxpayers and we are far behind that. Nasty