Monday, May 7, 2012

Stuyvesant Grocery returning to East 14th Street

EV Grieve reader LvV brings good news for fans of Stuyvesant Grocery, the deli on East 14th Street and Avenue A that a fire destroyed in May 2010. Per LvV: "Stuyvesant Grovery is back, albeit in smaller form, but it is back. The guys are working on the old locksmith place on the southside of 14th between 1st and A, right next to Petopia."

Now if we can just get a new location nearby for Pete's-a-Pizza... And anyone know what happened to the locksmith-hardware place?

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Anonymous said...

Great news. I am glad they are back in the neighborhood even if they aren't in their old space.

glamma said...

great to hear. i thought they were looking for 80k in rent there or something scandalous

Jill said...

This space is much, much smaller but they should do well. There is no place to buy a carton of milk near the subway except Associated since their fire, and before that the fresh food market was replaced by the sidewalk vendor.