Monday, May 14, 2012

Taking another look at the 154 Second Ave. rendering

Just continuing to watch the interior demolition at 154 Second Ave., the former Sigmund Schwartz Gramercy Park Chapel between East Ninth Street and East 10th Street.


Plans call for several new floors here for "luxury rental apartments" ... as well as nearly 4,600 square feet of ground-floor space "perfect for: retail store, restaurant," per the Icon Realty listing.

And there's an updated rendering for the building too.


[Image via Off the Grid]

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Anonymous said...

I wish more of the new buildings looked like this rendering. Respectful of its surroundings but modern at the same time. Well done.

randall said...

@ Anon 9:29

I agree.

marc kehoe said...

Look, it could be worse. A LOT worse.
Let's see if it morphs into worse.

Anonymous said...

i love that word, rendering. truly! anyway, i hope they tell everyone, i.e., potential buyers, that it once was a funeral home. just for good measure, due diligence, etc.

Anonymous said...

nasty business, all the dust and smoke. i assume asbestos galore! i try to stay away. yet i get soooo curious wanting to peek inside when i walk past.