Monday, May 14, 2012

34 Avenue A scratches again

For the second consecutive month, the mystery applicant hoping to take over the bar-restaurant space at 34 Avenue A has pulled out of the CB3/SLA committee meeting.

As we've cut-n-pasted from past posts, CB3 has rejected all the recent plans for a bar-restaurant-performance space here.

This space has been one long dramedy since Aces & Eights opened in March 2009.

Meanwhile, you can find the rest of the CB3/SLA docket for tonight here.


blue glass said...

does anybody know anything about this "new" category
(i don't remember seeing it before) and what,
if any, effect it will have on the block?

Corporate Change (not heard at committee)

24. Rai Rai Ken (Sobaya Restaurant Inc), 214 E 10th St (b)
25. Curry-Ya (Shinko Foods Inc), 214 E 10th St (wb)

rai rai ken moved and expanded to 216-218 while 214 is vacant.
curry ya is open.

communication with cb#3 has revealed no real information.

Anonymous said...

I love the karate school second floor window, very charming. I miss all of the interesting storefronts and windows we used to have. Now everything looks the same.

Anonymous said...

What is going to replace Rai Rai Ken at 214 E 10th Street? There is some work going on in there.

Anonymous said...

we could use more kung fu schools actually.

i heard that rai rai ken was going to be a sake bar. i forgot where i got that knowledge from. i read so many blogs that they all become one big seamless monolith of information...