Saturday, May 5, 2012

Was that a UFO over the East Village yesterday?

From reader Brian B. ... this incident occurred yesterday.

I was walking west on 10th Street between Ave A & B at 5pm today, I looked up and spotted a small red dot floating stationary way up in the clouds.

At first I assumed the red dot was a a child's "toy" balloon that had floated up out Tompkins Square Park. For most of the sixty seconds it took me to travel the block, I watched the red "ballon" remain in a stationary position (against the edge of the buildings in the distance).

When I got to the corner of 10th & A, I watched the "balloon" for a few more seconds, then turned my attention to the pedestrian traffic in front of me as turned right and began walking north on Avenue A.

While I was waiting for light at 12 Street, I looked up and noticed that the "red ballon" that had been floating stationary back over 10th Street was now traveling in a straight line across the horizon acting very much UNLIKE a balloon.

I took out my camera and shot this video. (Canon PowerShot ELPH 300HS 13X optical zoom)

The sun was still pretty bright at 5pm and I my camera's display was too dim for me to see if I was capturing the tiny dot that was hardly visible to my eye. I figured that with the camera zoomed in all the way, the footage would be too shaky to show much.

For most of the footage, the object looks dark, but during the last few seconds of the footage, you'll notice the red coloring I saw when I first mistook it for a balloon.

I don't think it's an alien space craft or anything, but it was definitely a UFO in the sense that it was flying and I couldn't identify it. I'm postive it wasn't a plane or a helicopter. Some kind of surveillance drone? Anyone have any idea what this could be?

I'm totally going with alien spacecraft. But I'm a realist.

You? Your thoughts on what this was. (Aside from Lady Gaga or Lana Del Rey, of course.)

And keep in mind: This isn't the first time for something like this happened around here. Remember this. Or this.


Anonymous said...

QuadCopter UAV

marjorie said...

Vermicious Knid.


Nightline aired a segment recently about flying devices with cameras attached to them. Realtors were using them to film tours of large properties. Was kind of cool. But then of course they discussed people using them to spy on one another. Some models looked like birds and at night you'd never notice it. They're also problematic for planes. I wonder if this UFO is one.

shmnyc said...

I don't know. The movement seems consistent with a balloon to me.

Anonymous said...

Yup, I'd go with NYPD/DHS drone. They seem to have several kinds--apparently used to monitor OWS marches--and the ones I've seen don't look like Predator drones but more like QuadChoppers or, at times, like Predator drones without the lump at the front.

abrod said...

Time to break out the tinfoil hats again!
Anon 4:11 - you shouldn't be telling us these things. The NYPD and DHS are listening in to your thoughts via that big radar dish on Long Island.

esquared said...
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Uncle Waltie said...

It was my guardian angel.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Waltie you are cool

glamma said...

NYPD predator drone, for sure.
We are living in a police state and it aint pretty.

Anonymous said...

It was a weather baloon....oddly enough it looks exactly like the one that landed in Roswell New Mexico.

Nothing to see here....just move along...Yep...just a common weather balloon.

Anonymous said...

I just saw something similar from my apt. on the 9th floor. It lit up red and blue. Thought it was a balloon until I saw it light up. Anyone else?