Saturday, November 10, 2012

Reader request: A granny bike for a homeless woman

Via the EV Grieve inbox...
Does anyone have or know where I can get an old granny bike (a small ladies step through) with a front basket and back carrier? I know sweet this 76 yr old French homeless woman called Jacqueline who lives down at the east river on 20th st and ave C. If you ever walk around the Stuy Cove you may have seen her. She is disabled and lost her bike during the storm (which was her home and only means to get around). I promised her I would get her a bike this weekend and I am willing to pay for it if it's not too expensive ... or maybe someone has one that they are throwing out.

Anyone... let me know via the EV Grieve email


Anonymous said...

Perhaps recycle-a-bike on C may have an unused donation and be willing to give one up (at least for a discount) considering the cause.

Or you can ask east 5th tree committee if they have any confiscated abandoned bikes.

All that aside, K-mart at Astor place has new bikes in that style at their basement floor for decent prices.

glamma said...

you can get a good price on bedford and n7th