Thursday, November 15, 2012

Test drilling at the former Mary Help of Christians lot

A work crew was in the Mary Help of Christians lot yesterday on Avenue A and East 11th Street ... hanging out with a Davey Drill and testing water levels and the composition of the soil ... steps to take before any development can go up here... whatever that may be... stay tuned.

Photos by Bobby Williams.



glamma said...

what could possibly be worse than an NYU dorm??

EV Grieve said...

@ glamma

2 NYU dorms?

Anonymous said...

Huge monstrosity of a luxury building is coming.

LvV said...

Luxury housing might be worse, because at least a big dorm might get some of these NYU twerps out of nearby apartment buildings and safely corralled in this thing, away from the rest of us. Then they can slam doors and throw garbage away improperly to their hearts' content.

/bright side?