Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week in Grieview

[Today in Tompkins Square Park... photo by Bobby Williams]

A new bike for Jacqueline (Tuesday)

A 'fearless' break-in attempt (Saturday)

A note about the 'college frat behavior' in an Avenue C apartment building (Tuesday, 55 comments)

Meet Cosmo Yannis (Wednesday)

East 11th Street lot will be home to the Mark Spink Apartments (Monday)

First Christmas tree for Kita the Wonder Dog of East 10th Street (Friday)

Incoming 7-Eleven on Avenue A not so popular (Friday)

Remembering the turkey of El Jardín del Paraíso (Thursday)

Rolf's annual holiday wonderland (Wednesday)

The bells of St. Brigid's (Monday ... Friday)


shmnyc said...

Nice leaves picture.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks! I actually switched leaf photos before I saw your comment...

Anonymous said...

Now it's a nice leaf-with-hawk picture! That profile belongs on a dollar bill!