Monday, November 26, 2012

Where's the uproar over the construction noise at 185 Avenue B?

A few weeks ago, we pointed out the awful noise coming from the construction site at 185-193 Avenue B... where workers are putting in the foundation for the new apartment complex at East 12th Street.

And the assualt continues... per a resident adjacent to the space:

That construction at Ave B and 12th has become the bane of the neighborhood. The vibrations and shaking from it are endangering the old buildings nearby. The noise is unbearable. Why isn't there an uproar in protest from the local residents and merchants? Has the EV become a neighborhood of sheep?

Also per the resident..

I'm surprised the local owners aren't up in arms. The vibrations could wreck their buildings.

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Anonymous said...

It is strange that people aren't more upset. Maybe most of the nearby residents are at work when it is as its worst? Or maybe people are outraged, and they are complaining to 311 but nothing is being done because they have the necessary permits? As awful as this is, this kind of equipment is commonly used. I was near a church that was being rebuilt, and this was going on for months and months.

Anonymous said...

My kids go to the school adjacent to this site and the noise is constant, jarring and disruptive. The renovations at the school building only go on after 3pm when school finishes but there are no such restrictions on this job which seems to defeat the whole purpose!!

But what can we do????

Anonymous said...

Construction is noisy. It's called reality. The buildings that the complainers live in were also constructed...noisily.

Anonymous said...

I live across the street from this construction. Most of the time it occurs after 9:30am, which I guess is after most people go to work and are up and about, but this morning it started at 7am. It shakes the whole building and feels like a repetitive, constant heavy pounding. Furniture and picture frames shake and all of the dishes rattle. We tried to ignore it when it was starting later, but today it was barely even light out. We called 311 and was told their permit to begin work starts at 7am, so I am not sure what we could do about it. Maybe building owners or the school would have more success calling in.

Anonymous said...

This has started early in the morning over the past couple days (or maybe it was just this morning and I am scarred...)

Isn't there some sort of noise pollution laws stopping this from starting so early?