Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Box Kite Coffee opening at former Tuck Shop space on St. Mark's Place?

The Tuck Shop closed its location on St. Mark's Place near Avenue A on July 7. According to the sign on the door, the shop closed for a variety of reasons, including "Gentrification ... Rent is too damn high!, Laziness/ennui, Albany/Bloomberg and Gluten-free people."

Word here is that the storefront will become home to Box Kite Coffee, a shop operated by barista Cora Lambert.

Paperwork filed ahead of last night's CB3/SLA committee meeting shows a change in ownership at 115 St. Mark's Place.

A recent issue of Imbibe magazine had an item about Box Kite Coffee opening in NYC...

We haven't heard official confirmation of this... and there's no other word on a possible opening date.


Gojira said...

Wow, great. So we continue our inexorable march to being the most caffeinated/pizza'd/fro-yo'd/barred-up nabe in the entire city.

"Barista darling" - please.

uncle Pete said...

sounds nice to me. More coffee competition in the drive towards saturation. Interested to see who lasts when it all settles. Looking forward to checking them out.

Jason C said...

Nice! Was bummed to lose RBC and their coffee program. Both Madcap and Ritual turn out consistently great product. Looking forward to it!

Jill said...

Coffee and beer. Yum.