Monday, July 22, 2013

Crowdsourcing campaign for injured East Village Farm and Grocery worker raises nearly $19,000

The crowdsourcing campaign ended this past weekend for the family of gravely injured East Village Farm and Grocery worker Akkas Ali (pictured above). At the end of the campaign, 290 people contributed $18,579 for Ali's rehabilitation.

Community Board 3 member Chad Marlow organized the campaign. As he said in June in announcing the campaign:

"I went through this same thing with my father when he was just 4 years younger than Mr. Ali, and one of Mr. Ali's sons is the same age as I was when my father was stuck and seriously and permanently injured by a speeding, intoxicated driver. So I know how much this kind of support would help him and his family."

We asked Marlow for his reaction to the campaign results yesterday:

"The success of this effort is a wonderful testament to our community ... 290 contributors stepped forward to help this poor family. We have collectively done a great good and, in doing so, have revealed the great goodness lies at the center of the East Village's soul. I am enormously proud and grateful to be part of this community."

Marlow reports that Ali has been transferred to the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in New Jersey.

"Mr. Ali has been opening his eyes and has been exhibiting responsive eye movements, but now that he is at Kessler, which is one of the best rehabilitation facilities in the world — Christopher Reeve also went there — the real work of getting better can begin."

Marlow's father was also a patient at Kessler following his accident.

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance reportedly charged the driver, Shaun Martin of Queens, with vehicular assault.

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This poor man is still in the hospital?! Ugh. I hope they find a dozen more charges to stick to that drag racing drunkard.

Scooby said...

I am also surprised to hear he is still in hospital. It is great to see people pulling together to support each other. I wish you a quick and full recovery,
Akkas. I am sorry you had to be subject to such stupidity.

Anonymous said...

I hope Martin has some money, because $19K isn't going to cut it for the amount of hospital/rehab time this poor man has and will requie.

Anonymous said...

Does he have insurance from his employer?