Thursday, July 25, 2013

Up ahead in the distance, Hotel Ludlow

On the topic of Max Fish... Here's their next-door neighbor, Hotel Ludlow. We haven't looked at it in awhile (November, anyway) ... And after nearly 5 years of various construction stops and starts, it's construction-netting free these days.

...and from the back...

In October 2011, Curbed reported that BD Hotels — the team involved with the Maritime, Chambers, Greenwich, Jane and Bowery hotels — bought the stalled site for $25 million... finally bring a vitally needed hotel to this area. (OK, OK.)

For more on the background here, you can check out BoweryBoogie and The Lo-Down.

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Actual work being done at the long-stalled Hotel Ludlow site

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Citizen 927 said...

"Why do I drown? You build brick boxes,
One by one they're blocking my sun"

- Midnight Oil