Thursday, July 25, 2013

These days, it's even more expensive to live in a cabin without a toilet and running water

In the last few days, an Airbnb listing for a cabin caravan on the Lower East Side has been making the rounds. (The listing is no longer live.) Curbed posted it Tuesday via ValleyWag.

The same ad offering the exact same amenities flew around the Internet in January 2012. (We posted it here.) One thing worth noting: In the new listing, the cabin is asking $1,367/month. In January 2012, the price was $900/month.

What do you think caused a $467 rent hike in 19 months? Demand?

Anyway. Here's part of that original post from January 2012...


Small unusual cabin caravan in Manhattan's lower east side situated on a forested edge of a private lot with 24/7 security. Large windows and a skylight ensure an open and airy feel in the minimally furnished interior outfitted with a full sized bed, desk, lamp and kettle for making tea or coffee. Linens and blankets will be provided.

Appealing places, cheap and otherwise, within walking distance for dining and entertainment and several small parks within easy access to public transportation. A bicycle and a lock are included with the cabin if you prefer travel above ground.

The cabin has no running water or toilet, there is a toilet on the property steps away. Previous guests have used a convenient 24 hour gym to shower.

Single occupancy or couple preferred, perfect for someone quiet, clean, independent, no pets.

All the windows shut and lock and there are curtains so you are not exposed, there is a heater, the space is small and warms easily, there are plenty of extra blankets if necessary.

$900 for the entire month, can be prorated.

Here's what it allegedly looks like...



Isn't it illegal to rent a housing unit that has no running water or toilet? And what about fire code? And, and, and, ...

sinestra said...

This is so ridiculous. So its nearly 1400 plus I have to pay $100-150 a month gym membership on the side to take a shower- makes sense. The way it's worded makes me want to slap the person who wrote it.