Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week in Grieview

[Sixth Street and A, reader submitted]

An assault at Theatre 80 (Monday)

Remembering Deontay Moore (Tuesday)

DA charges curb-crash driver with vehicular assault (Monday)

Crowdsourcing campaign for injured East Village Farm and Grocery worker raises nearly $19,000 (Monday)

The Odessa Cafe and Bar closes for good on Aug. 15 (Thursday)

East 14th Street now free of pesky local businesses (Thursday)

The Yippie Museum space reopens on Wednesday (Thursday)

Kita goes on vacation (Friday)

About Max Fish closing (Thursday)

A paramedic talks about her love of the East Village (Wednesday)

Katie Holmes returns to the East Village (Wednesday)

Ben Shaoul on flipping the former Cabrini Center (Wednesday)

Jehovah's Witnesses sprouting a 7-floor luxury residence (Monday)

A city without rent regulations (Tuesday, 46 comments)

Sarkozy-Olsen 'love nest' on the block (Monday)

The Standard East Village has a new garden entrance (Monday)

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