Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Friends and family remember teen shot and killed on Avenue D

Serena Solomon at DNAinfo has a feature today on Deontay Moore, the 18-year-old lifelong resident of the Jacob Riis Houses who was shot and killed Friday night.

"He was always happy and even if he was sad, you would never tell," said Moore's sister Janet Mejia, 22, who lives in Harlem.

"He was a great uncle and he loved his nephew," Mejia said. "He was love wherever he walked."

Mejia joked that Moore had been a "pain in the ass, like any little brother" who always had a practical joke up his sleeve to lighten the mood.

Moore was standing with friends on Avenue D near East Eighth Street Friday night around 10:45. The NYPD have said that gunmen on bicycles fired into the group, with one bullet striking Moore in the head.

[Photo by Serena Solomon via DNAinfo]


Pinch said...

To reiterate the comment I made on Sunday regarding this story (which included this quote from a newspaper: “'This is why I keep my kids inside,' said Mavis Pendelton, 38, a mother of three who lives in nearby 108 Avenue D.")

People from the protest Downtown at One Police Plaza this past Saturday were making their way up to the scene until they got word it happened at a Housing Project and remembered they didn't give a shit.

Very little screaming and yelling about the daily impact of crimes like these on communities.

Anonymous said...

an 18 year old uncle.

when I was a kid in the Bronx, I had a classmate who was an uncle at 13 years old.

Anonymous said...

4:05PM, what does his being an 18 year old uncle have to do with anything? All it means is that he has a sister who had a kid.

I can only assume that your comment was a thinly-veiled insult against Deontay. What are you saying? That you think he was somehow "low class" or something?

I can't stand BS like that. The man is dead and you have to say some bs remark.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear, 5:19! Right on!

My (_______) grandmother had her first child in 1919 and her eighth in 1938, the same year as her oldest daughter gave birth. So the daughter's infant son was an uncle.

There can be all kinds of families, what unites them is love.

Anonymous said...

And sorrow ... especially after a senseless death.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

This is too sad. RIP Deontay Moore.

Anonymous said...

One block from a housing police station too. Were the perps gang residents of the Ave. D projects?
The NYCHA should install metal detectors with a security guard in all the housing projects. Yes it would cost $, but it would be cheaper than having all the housing cops.
Better still, take a page from the late Maggie's book, and privatize the projects. Let the renters become owners, and they would have incentive to keep the perps out. They would also have an appreciating asset with all that implies. Give them a long-term property tax moratorium (like forever) in lieu of the tax subsidies they get now, and get rid of the NYCHA bureaucracy. Win win for them and the taxpayers.

Bill the libertarian anarchist

Anonymous said...

9:02 - I like your "us" and "them" attitude. "They" are taxpayers too you know.

The kid was standing on a city corner when he was shot. Following your logic, should we then have metal detectors and security guards stationed at every city intersection? The hell.

Anonymous said...


Anyone who gets the majority of his income from government subsidies is not a net taxpayer, but rather is a net tax consumer.
(For the distinction, see Murray N. Rothbard, Power and Market: Government and the Economy, available online via the Mises Institute, I think.)

What do you have against these renters becoming owners? If they own their property, instead of renting to the man, then they have an appreciating asset and more incentive to maintain it.
I'd say you have the "us" vs. "them" mentality, typical of NY left wingsters.

Bill the pro-liberty, pro-market libertarian anarchist, and enemy of the criminal entity known as government

Anonymous said...

I never addressed the "renters becoming owners" portion of your comment and yet you stated I was "against" the idea and then denounced me in your own way by calling me a left-winger. LOL!

Your reaction is hilarious in that it pointed to how quick you are to assume things with no evidence to support your suppositions. Wow.

What a strange existence your thoughts must have navigating throughout your labyrinthian gray matter.

Anonymous said...

Who knew we had so many vitriolic, nasty conservatives reading EV Grieve? Scary.

Anonymous said...

Libertarians are not conservatives.
See Hayek's essay, "Why I am not a Conservative."

Nixon was a conservative. He got further bogged down in Vietnam, started the drug war, presided over high inflation and a weakening economy. Libertarians opposed the Vietnam War, and the drug war, as well as his economic policies.
There's no accounting for ignorance.