Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tree pleads: 'I am alive'

Urban Tree Etiquette Sign on East 11th Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue...

Not to mention Doritos.


Anonymous said...

How about this for an idea- instead of planting ornamemtal trees around the city how about making it a requirement to plant fruit trees? Maybe then we could provide to those less fortunate within our community.

Does it really take so much to come up with an idea that's actually beneficial for society? When will it be that will look to something simple to take care of all of us?

Next time you hear if a development going up or a park being renovated, let your public officials know you want your fruit for free! You're entitled you pay taxes, you pay for water, you're entitled to your benefit!!

Anonymous said...

but please do tie signs around me!

The Philosophical Zombie said...

It's a beautiful idea to grow fruit trees. However, as someone who grew up around a lot of fruit trees - apple, plum, peach, crabapple - I can tell you that they don't just provide delicious edible fruit without constant upkeep, pruning, some form of pesticide, etc. (otherwise, lots of rotting fruit rolling around the streets.)

Anonymous said...

Maybe those being fed would like to provide the upkeep! There is no truely free lunch, one should be able to provide something for what they're receiving. Then that whole principle begins tooprovide a worth while state.of being.

The city helps to provide for the residents, the residents give back to the city and so on and so on!!

It's the circle of life it's what people need to be human responsible citizens to one another. It's what's required to show somehow that people really care for one another and are not just out for the almighty dollar once more. It's an idea that's missing from society today and it would go a long way in restoring civic pride and dignity.

It's an idea ahead of it's time and in the same instance it's an idea in restoration of the former glory once experienced by this country that seems to no longer exist due to the politics and corruption of the day.

Can we return to glory? That's the question we all need to ask ourselves. When will We do that? When will We ask the question and will we then have the answer?

Anonymous said...

I don't remember ever seeing these signs until a few years ago. Now there are signs and notes everywhere.
I guess because there used to be the ubiquitous old lady that sat in the front window or the stoop that would yell at you if you were being a dick. She saw all, she heard all, she had eyes on the back of her head.
In a way, I miss those old ladies (and men) that would put us misbehaving kids (and adults!) in their place. We didn't need notes, we got the stink-eye or the shaken fist!