Monday, July 22, 2013

Sarkozy-Olsen 'love nest' on the block

Last August, when reports surfaced that Olivier Sarkozy bought 123 E. 10th St., the Post described the historic 146-year-old home as a "love nest" he would share with girlfriend Mary-Kate Olsen.

Apparently there's a change in nesting, as the half-brother of the former French president has listed the single-family Anglo-Italianate townhouse for just less than $7 million. (The townhouse is one half of a 146-year-old set of homes. No. 125 is apparently not on the market.) Property records show that Sarkozy paid $6.25 million for the space.

Douglas Elliman has the listing. Here's a bit about the space:

Erected in 1854 by James Renwick, one of the most famous American Architects of his time, amongst Grace Church, St. Patricks Cathedral and other internationally acclaimed projects, 123 East 10th stands out as one of the most exquisite Row Houses built. This house remains to be as attractive and architecturally significant today as it was almost two centuries ago.

The home boasts at least five bedrooms and currently only four bathrooms but can easily accommodate more of each. An old world layout with a double parlor greets one with a lovely grand entrance and can accommodate multiple sitting rooms. A Garden Level which could be most appropriately used for a kitchen and casual dining area that leads out to a lovely garden with either an open plan for a casual entertaining room or a small room suitable for guest or staff.

No. 123 was on the market for nearly four years before Sarkozy bought it.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone actually live there? Usually it's just people carrying items in and out of the building.

Anonymous said...

Oh please! Are you serious? Olivier Sarkozy and Mary Kate Olsen lived there. The people coming in and out were household help. Google it. That block has changed into a showplace in the last few years. I see Nicole Kidman and famous people on it all the time

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to correct the historic facts - James Renwick was not the architect. The 16 houses across the street on 10th starting with 114 and going around to 23 Stuyvesant Street are called "Renwick Triangle" and they are "attributed" to Renwick. Nowhere in the St. Mark's Historic District landmark designation report does Renwick's name appear in association with 123 or 125 East 10th Street.

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to live on this block. It's the best in EV, hands down.

If only I had 7 million dollars right now, I will buy this fckin house.

Anonymous said...

What! Thats my laundry mat! How dare they turn it in to a love nest! Where will I dry my panties?
Couldn't they have just taken over near by Vaselka instead? It already has the floor to ceiling glass....all they would need is the big screen tv and leather coach.

Anonymous said...

"I see Nicole Kidman"... really? She lives in Nashville.