Monday, July 29, 2013

Whiteout complete at Tu Casa


Ugh. As noted Saturday, workers began whitewashing the great mural outside Tu Casa Recording Studio on Avenue B...

Mission accomplished.

There was a tag sale at the space in June... there was talk that the studio was relocating to Brooklyn, but we never heard any confirmation of that. The Tu Casa phone number is currently disconnected.

There's currently a listing for the space in the co-op building.

Ground and first floor are zoned commercial, third and fourth floors are zone Residential


Ground floor Commercial Store, presently used as a music studio, 12ft ceilings. Suitable for all kinds of legal retail use

The current price is $1.095 million.

Tu Casa has been around since 1972.

Photos by Bobby Williams.


Anonymous said...

No es su casa nunca más

Anonymous said...

What the fuck. I just don't get it. Forgive me for voicing the obvious, but why does the owner want to obliterate a piece of art? What kind of person are they looking to sell to, that they would feel it necessary to erase a colorful piece of EV history? They don't even want to pay a token tribute to neighborhood history? Why then, would they be dealing in property located in the now-uber-hip EV?

Anonymous said...

Boo! idots rule, as usual

sinestra said...

wow what a difference art makes. it looks so drab and boring without that mural. let's hope another artist makes something nice there

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:13, Apartments, houses, buildings with murals, are always shown white. Meaning they paint them white when they're showing them to prospective buyers.