Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Goloka Juice Bar & Health Shop now open on East 5th Street

Goloka Juice Bar & Health Shop opened yesterday in one of the empty storefronts on East Fifth Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue. (It's at 325 E. Fifth St., two doors east of the 9th Precinct.)

Here's info on the shop via their Facebook page:

Goloka was started with the intent of creating a peaceful getaway amidst the busy streets of New York City where people can take a small break from their day to enjoy healthy treats.

Goloka also has a full service custom organic juice bar.

Founded by yogis, Goloka has created a menu and store atmosphere reflective of the spiritual practices of yoga lovers.


Uncle Waltie said...

Way too healthy for East 5th Street. That said, I wish 'em luck.

K said...

Maybe they're expecting big crowds from the 9th Precinct.

Anonymous said...

They look pretty chill.

Goloka is part of the term Goloka Vrindavan, a Hare Krishna/Hindu/Sanskrit term for heaven.

I reckon their cool, natural drinks and interior are made to seem heavenly!

Anonymous said...

Blessed I'm going

Anonymous said...

super affordable as for the freshly squeezed juices!